Akhmeta Wine House
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Akhmeta is distinguished by a remarkable microclimate ensuring perfect grape ripening conditions; the micro zone is located at the junction of 3 rivers -Ilto, Alazani and Orvili. Our vineyards are set from 500-550 m attitude from the sea level in this very micro-zone.

The 30 year-old "Rkatsiteli" vineyard is planted on 1.5 ha land and is situated in Sabero, at the entrance of Akhmeta, on the South-East bank of the Orvili River.  

 The vineyard with "Kakhetian Mtsvane" grape variety is located at the entrance of Akhmeta, between the rivers of Alazani and Orvili. 1,5 ha vineyard was planted 40 years ago and provides a perfect yield even now.  

„Saperavi“ gives us its perfect yield grown in Bitaani, Akhmeta. 1.5 ha vineyard was planted 25 years ago.

Actually, the old vineyards were cultivated with the use of conventional methods introduced by the agriculture of the Soviet times.  Since 2016, we've made attempts to create organic agriculture. From this year, the cultivation of the vineyard has been made only by the instruments applicable in the organic agriculture.