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Organic grape-growing & winemaking in Akhmeta

“Akhmeta Wine House", a member of Natural Wine Association Georgia, was established in the year 2014. We think that it's important to maximize the protection of the vineyard, grape and wine ecosystem, biodiversity, natural biological cycles, and the biological processes. Based on what’s mentioned above, we are fixed on organic farming and natural wine production. Nowadays we are beneficiary of CAUCASCERT, the only Georgian company, which offers its customers certification of organic products. Their certificate is legally recognized in Georgia, the European Union, and Switzerland. CAUCASCERT Ltd has been accredited according to ISO-17065 by the German accreditation body DAkkS. It has been included in the list of third-country equivalent organic certification agencies (please, refer to EC regulation 1330/2016). Since last year our vineyards are Bio certified and from next year our Wine, vintage 2020 will certified too. (http://caucascert.ge/en/operators/operators-register).

Akhmeta is distinguished by a remarkable microclimate ensuring perfect grape ripening conditions. Our Mtsvane, Saperavi, and Rkatsiteli vineyards are located at the junction of 3 rivers -Ilto, Alazani, and Orvili. In the year 2015 "Saperavi", "Khikhvi" and "Kisi" varieties are planted at the terroir of Alaverdi Monastery.

At the end of October, grapes were hand-harvested in small boxes, hand sorted in our Marani (cellar), lightly crushed into historical Georgian clay vessels Qvevri (or Kvevri) buried in the winery's earthen floor. The fermentation was performed by natural yeast, found on grape skin. After some long, up to 6-month maceration, the wine is decanted and transferred into another Qvevri for aging. Our “Orange” wines are rich with phenol compounds and tannins. They are characterized by high antioxidant properties due to the specific Georgian technology of Qvevri winemaking. All our wines are estate-bottled.

At this harvest, we are expecting app 35 tons of berries, and our capacity should be increased up to 10 000 bottles per year.

Our Wines are produced from single varieties:

Saperavi – Dry Red wine, 9-day skin contact, min 6-month Qvevri aging

Rkatsiteli – Orange, Dry white wine, 6-month skin contact, Qvevri aging

Mtsvane - Orange, Dry white wine, 6-month skin contact, Qvevri aging, Appellation “Kakheti”

Kisi - Orange, Dry white wine, 6-month skin contact, Qvevri aging

Khihvi - Orange, Dry white wine, 6-month skin contact, Qvevri aging ( During Soviet time variety was heavily used for a Soviet Port wine production)

Akhmeta Wine House wines, Rkatsiteli Qvevri 2016, Kakhuri Mtsvane Qvevri 2016 and Saperavi Qvevri 2016, during the wine tasting held in the frames of the 49th General Assembly of Association De La Sommellerie International, granted by Association De La Sommellerie International, Georgian Sommelier Association and National Wine Agency of the Ministry of Agriculture of Georgia, with the award “the best wines of Georgia in one space”.

Currently, we are exporting our wine to the USA and Japan.

Saperavi 2015 Harvest

Kakhetian Mtsvane 2015 Harvest

Rkatsiteli 2015 Harvest

Saperavi 2016

Mtsvane Kakhuri 2016

Rkatsiteli 2016 Harvest